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Eco-friendly portable non-slip thickened yoga mat

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Ecological TPE Material: Our yoga mat is made of technologically improved TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which are usually flexible low-module materials that can be stretched repeatedly for superior durability. TPE is more environmentally friendly and is the new standard for yoga mats. No latex, no PVC, no other harmful chemicals.
Body alignment system: Alignment lines help you focus and adjust your hands and feet to the precise position, and keep the body in the right alignment. The alignment system is something you never thought or would need, but you'll find it really useful. The guide lines are rooted in the carpet so you don't have to look down.
Grippy not Slippy: The yoga mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces so you can perform any movement with confidence. The corrugated underside adheres to the ground. The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position so you can hold the poses, no matter how strong your practice.
Free transport strap: easy to take away and store. No need to go and buy a yoga carry strap. We've got what you need. Because we like to add value to you and your eco-friendly and easy-to-clean practice